Commies Don’t Want To Discuss Acid Attacks #edl #evf #dhimmi #uaf

The link at the top of the screenie below links to this story:

It tells of how young girls in Pakistan are becoming victims of acid attacks by the Taliban, just for trying to get an education.

“It’s the latest cruel tactic in the Pakistani Taliban’s battle to stop girls and women from getting an education: acid thrown in their faces to scar them for life and deter others from following in their footsteps.

A doctor who treated the victims of an acid attack on a college van in the city of Parachinar in northern Pakistan last month told CNN that two girls had been left with severe burns to their faces.

The Pakistani Taliban have taken responsibility for the attack in threatening pamphlets distributed around the city. They also warn local girls against going to school, Dr. Shaban Ali said.

We will never allow the girls of this area to go and get a Western education,’ said Qari Muhavia, the local Pakistani Taliban leader, when contacted by CNN by telephone.”

We think this is very serious and needs paying attention to, or has everyone already forgotten about Malala Yousufzai, shot in the head at age 14, just for Blogging.

They are still trying to kill her. Last month two people tried to visit her claiming to be family – the Taliban have said they still want to kill her.

They want her dead because that is probably the only way they can stop her talking!
Good Girl Malala 😉

However, when this subject is brought up on a Facebook debate page, some people just can’t put their prickles away, even for something as serious as this:


When I first saw this, I thought maybe she was trying to play Devil’s Advocate to make people get into a discussion but then someone told me she does this all the time.

If any subject comes up, even subjects like this, or paedophiles, or animal cruelty, if there is anything Islamic about it in any way, shape or form this “Sophie Morgan” will try and turn it round into something else.

Breivik was one individual and one incident, it is not the same thing as the people who run your country telling you that you can’t learn and if you try you will have your face burnt off with acid. Please tell me how this is the same thing?

Both acts are equally evil, but they are not in the same league at all.

“Sophie Morgan” should maybe marry a Pakistani Muslim, move over to Islamabad, have a female child by him and bring her up in that set-up then we will see what her views are then won’t we.

Holly xxx


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