Halal Certification Explained – Bad News For Vegans #casualsunited #edl #evf #bfp #boycotthalal

Halal Certification Explained

Courtesy of the Boycott Halal Facebook Page.
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Boycott Halal says:

“We have found that Halal Certification is a money-making racket, as all Halal Certified manufacturers and businesses pay weekly or monthly monitoring fees to these Halal Authorities, and extra charges are paid for the certification on each of their Halal Certified brands, and extra if they want to display the Halal Authorities mark on their products.

It does not end there… money is channelled off towards Islamic ends, because all Halal Certified products, with or without animal bi-products, incur an indirect Zakat Tax… one eighth of which funds Islamic Freedom Fighters – in other words, Terrorists.

Halal is affecting much more than food now.

A further problem is that many Halal products are not labelled as such, so it requires research, as well as looking carefully on the packet when you buy products and services if you want to avoid Halal.

Sadly, being a Vegetarian or Vegan will not shield you from this Halal Scam – for example – the EHDA – European Halal Development Agency are now pushing HALAL PRODUCTS even for VEGANS!


Check out the “Ethical Award” label right next to the “Halal” label.

“We sought halal certification because we wanted to make our meat-free foods available to Muslims everywhere.” say Redwood Foods.


Tate and Lyle are now “halal”. Someone told me how she called them to ask about it and they didn’t have to be halal as it wasn’t meat, the man said they did, she asked why and he shouted “because we have to” and put down the phone.

It is NOT just about food. If this concerns you, please visit the Boycott Halal Facebook Page and read some of their articles.

This concerns me.

J xx

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