“Muslims: Bin Your Poppy!” Says Mr Hate Himself, Anjem Choudary #casualsunited #edl #evf #cxf #bfp

“Bin Your Poppies!” Radical Islamist Preacher Anjem Choudary Sparks Twitter Outrage

Anjem Choudary

Radical preacher Anjem Choudary has called on all Muslims in Britain to destroy their Remembrance Day poppies.

The Islamist, who was born and educated in the UK, sent a stream of messages to his 2,500 Twitter followers, with the tagline BIN YOUR POPPY.

The tweets included:

Choudary, a prominent figure in banned groups such as Islam4UK and Muslims Against Crusades, has repeatedly courted controversy with his militant Islamic stance. He has previously stated that Islam plans to dominate Britain and America, that Shariah law zones should be established across the UK, and that Norwegian nationals should be taken hostage in retribution for the massacre perpetrated by anti-Islam campaigner Anders Breivik.

His latest outburst prompted a torrent of criticism on Twitter. One user wrote: “Why are you in England, if wearing Poppy’s offends you so much @anjemchoudary ? You offend me, if only I could bin you.”

Another commented: “anjem choudary you belong in a moral dustbin with the rubbish that follows you and agrees with you.”

Rather than post an offensive message, one tweeter posted a picture of Choudary taken during his days as a student, in which the preacher is surrounded by pornography and empty beer cans. The images, which was picked up and published by a national British newspaper, alludes to the accusations of hypocrisy which have dogged Choudary’s preaching career.

The Muslim Council of Britain, which attends Remembrance Day parades alongside British dignitaries, declined to comment specifically on Choudary’s latest outburst. However a spokesman said:

“There are many Muslims who serve in the Armed Forces today, they follow generations of Muslims who have sacrificed their lives in two World Wars. Remembrance Sunday should serve as a reminder to all of us that all faith communities, including Muslims, laid down their lives for this country.”

Ahhh… you mean this picture?

Sideshow Bob.
Sorry, I meant Anjem Choudary

The man is a joke. I do wonder sometimes if he is actually serious with his pathetic rants.
Short of a multicoloured afro wig and a bright red plastic nose, the man is nothing more than a clown. His followers are even more comical as they are so brainwashed they hang onto his every word like an addict in a crack den.

Choudary, Muslims fought ON OUR SIDE in World War II, you PRICK!
I have found an article for you to read about this (aren’t I kind?), although knowing you and your weird and twisted mind, you would probably say these people were Apostates and Traitors to Islam.

Why are you even in this country, anyway? Why are you anywhere near the West, since you appear to hate everything here and everything we stand for?!
Why don’t you just fuck off to somewhere where the lifestyle suits you better?

Oh, that’s right. You can’t do as you please there, or say what you like, and you won’t get massive benefit handouts – which, let me remind you, the people who we remember on Armistice Day fought and died for so you can sit in your life of comfort.

You, and people like you, are the reason why people hate Islam and do not believe it is a Religion of Peace at all.
People like you would shoot a 14 year old child in the head to stop her blogging about what a bunch of evil arseholes the Taliban are.
Real tough men eh? Shooting children because of WRITTEN WORDS.

According to people on Twitter, they hold the same opinion of you as I do, and many other people in this country. We don’t even hate you as that would require some degree of emotional response, and to be perfectly honest, you aren’t worth the effort.

Did you intend the pun in “Bin your poppy”?
Bye Bye Clown. Say Hi to Krusty for us, won’t you?

No Surrender to Islamofascist Scum. J xx


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2 Responses to “Muslims: Bin Your Poppy!” Says Mr Hate Himself, Anjem Choudary #casualsunited #edl #evf #cxf #bfp

  1. nice blog… oh he is a two sided coin… was he too afraid to go burn more poppy’s????

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