Own medicine doesn’t taste so nice, does it “Darcy”?
Is it not so amusing now, the outing of individuals all over the internet? It’s not funny, is it?
This is for all the people you have put at risk in your time as Cyber-troll. NFSE.

North West Infidels NWI

For three years a woman has stalked and trolled on Facebook and taken pics of people and their families and posted them up with details of where they live or work in the hope that she can get them attacked and/or cause problems for them in work. She will photoshop pics so it looks like people are wearing nazi tshirts and was responsible for widely circulating a leaked list of people who had bought EDL merchandise, again hoping they would be attacked. She posted details of one girl and her baby who had to be moved out of her flat in Oldham after her windows were smashed. This nasty piece of work is called Helen-Marie Brown (aka Helen-Marie Shirley). The fellow Commie who pointed us at her real facebook profile, which was wide open said she works in a prison in Northallerton/York. It was clear from this profile that she…

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