Norfolk Woman Refuses To Pay #BBC Licence Fee In Jimmy Savile Protest #casualsunited #edl #uaf #paedos

Norfolk woman refuses to pay BBC licence fee in Jimmy Savile protest

Taken from Great Yarmouth Mercury. Written by Joe Wilkes. Thursday, November 1, 2012 3:52 PM

A Gorleston woman is refusing to pay her TV licence fee until all the facts around the Jimmy Savile scandal have come out, and she is urging others to join her.

Jacqueline Stroud, 40, of Pier Road, has begun an online campaign against the BBC as she is “disgusted” with the organisation.

She has donated her £12.87 monthly licence fee to children’s charity Childline, and has posted a video on Youtube where she details her reasons for the protest and urges others to join her.

Single mum of two Jacqueline said: “I am absolutely disgusted the BBC feel they cannot only use the TV licence money to pay extortionate wages to their stars, but when faced with an allegation of child abuse against one of their so-called stars they, in my opinion, cover it up.

“Therefore I feel the public have the right to refuse any more payments until this matter is resolved like it should have been 30 years ago.”

“I really hope the people of this country will make a stand,” she added.

“We all pay their wages, and yet there has been a cover up, I feel.

“I know there is a chance they will come to my door if I don’t pay and I will cross that bridge when I come to it.”

Claims have recently been made that TV presenter Jimmy Savile, who died last year, was a serial child abuser, with evidence mounting that the Top of the Pops presenter was a predatory paedophile.

It was also recently revealed that a Newsnight report on the claims was shelved by BBC bosses.

Jacqueline added: “I probably admired him for all the charity work as did everyone else, now this has come out it is disgusting.

“I have tried not to have too much to do with the BBC in the past few weeks.

“Childline would be the obvious choice for the money considering who the victims were of what went on”.

To watch and listen to her protest viedo search for “Jacqueline Stroud, Don’t pay your TV Licence” into Youtube, where she claims that Childline is “a much worthier cause than the BBC,” and urges people to comment and get involved.

You can also use Youtube to get in contact with Jaqueline and join in her protest.

This is her video on Youtube:

It’s worth noting that if you do not pay your licence, and people come to your door, you do not have to answer the door or let them in. They cannot enter your home unless they have a court order.

No Surrender to Paedo Scum, and all those who facilitate, and aid and abet their activites.
J xx

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