The Body Of Truth

I was recently sent this disgusting screenshot (Click to enlarge) thanks too Soldat Amir.

The screenshot is of the Facebook page “Proud to be a Pakistani” which is run by UK based, Pakistani Muslim admins.

The admins of the page posted an image condemning the anti-Muslim Movie released in America, below it was an image of Adolf Hitler accompanied by the text “Let Me Salute To Hitler The Great” as well as praising a disgusting phrase Adolf Hitler made about the Jews, after slaughtering over 6 Million Jewish men, women and children.

Adolf Hitler was once quoted saying: “The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.” 

Islamic support for Hitler and Nazism is nothing new. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem helped design the gas chambers that were used to exterminate hundreds of Jews at a time in Auschwitz and many other extermination camps, The…

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