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Dear stalker,

I find it very sad that even as an adult you think it’s okay to bully someone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m not under any false illusion that everyone is going to like me but you have no right to harass me as you’ve done over the past year.

You’ve set up numerous false accounts, at least 1 in my name where you slate and destroy my character. After blocking you, you still take the time to read my timeline and tweet me daily. You go as far as tweet my followers and anyone I tweet desperately trying to gain my attention. And when all else fails, you send in your lapdogs to do your dirty work. Some have even picked/perved on my child, which is totally unacceptable.

I’ve tried to ignore you but after 1…

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  1. janeyenglish says:

    I have reblogged this because it involves an individual who has cyber-bullied and stalked and harrassed people online – mainly via Twitter, but also via other sites – for years now.
    The original author of the Blog, “AndreaUrbanFox” is not known to me, and nor is she involved with any groups I am involved with, to the best of my knowledge.
    Have I put her and her family at risk by reblogging this?
    I don’t know, TBH. That will be up to her to tell me, won’t it.
    Although, I doubt I have put anyone at any risk by reblogging this, not like some people who purposely go out to bully people whilst hiding behind their computer screen.
    This individual has made a comment to me about this Blog, and again threatens to go to the Police. She always BLEATS about going to the Police.
    As they will be more than interested in YOUR online activities!

    • I have no problem with you reblogging it as I think it`s important people know that cyber-bullying exists and we can`t tolerate it.
      This individual has caused me nothing but headache. It has stalked/harassed me since Nov.09!! It creates accounts to troll me, gets her associates to troll me, chases me all over the internet. It`s quite distressing at times but I do my utmost best to ignore her and associates.
      I don`t believe you have put me or my family in any danger. Well, not more than this woman has already done by tweeting my personal details and address.
      I am not involved with any of the groups you represent. I`m not affiliated to any such groups or political parties. There seems the lay the problem: This woman has tried for years to link me to these groups yet she can`t and that upsets her so the trolling continues.
      I have nothing but contempt for this woman. I don`t wish her harm but I do wish she`d live me the fck alone.
      I think this blog might upset her further and the trolling will intensify in the foreseeable future. I wish it wasn`t so but that is how she operates. So please, let this be the last blog entry about me and my family.
      Thank you for the understanding and interest.

      • Might have been 2010, not 2009 when this started. Can`t remember exactly. It has been that long! It started when I blocked her on twitter for making anti-Semitics comments.

      • janeyenglish says:

        No, this’ll be the only time I make an entry about your situation. I have not been aware of this “person” for all that long, but the things I have read are pretty shocking, and it’s not just you she’s done it to.
        I do not understand why a woman of her age feels the need to behave like this. Maybe she is some kind of sociopath?
        Her obsession to link you to these groups is very sad. She has enough of us to troll as it is, I don’t know where she finds the time.
        The only way to deal with bullies is to name and shame them. Cyberbullies are extra-pathetic as they hide behind their computer screen. She has been outed on another website that has also published her full address, so I hope she is enjoying a taste of her own medicine.
        I don’t know if you have seen the Amanda Todd video? She committed suicide due to cyber-trolls and bullies. This particular troll might want to have a good hard think about what her actions may lead to.
        But then again, as a sociopath, in her mind she believes she is in the right.
        If one stands up to her, she cries “Police, police!” and bleats how she is a senior citizen getting abuse online. SAD.
        If she does any more to you, I would suggest taking screenshots of it all. Anything and everything, and keep it as evidence. And what you said about not remembering the exact timespan? That’s because a common tactic is to get you confused so that they can accuse you of lying. She is a classic.
        If all people stood up to bullies, they have no power. 🙂 Thanks for replying tc x

  2. janeyenglish says:

    Also, if she didn’t agree with my reblog, she wouldn’t have allowed it, would she?
    NFSE to sad old cyberbullies, old past it hags.

  3. Bluepanic says:

    Keep up the good work J , Enjoy the blog

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