The Body Of Truth

While checking the email inbox for The Body of Truth, I discovered I had received an aggressive email from a member of an extreme Far Left group in the UK, the man was called Gary Fiennes-Hastings, he poorly attempted to “Debunk my views on Islam” by sending me a link to an ‘Islamic empowerment’ Facebook page called #MyJihad.

Unwittingly, the Left Wing extremist, Gary Fiennes-Hastings, gave me excellent reading material containing some of the most despicable and cunning forms of Taqiyya I have seen and a perfect opportunity to debunk the false and dangerous message of this Muslim project.

#MyJihad Advertising Campaign Debunked by The Body of Truth

Whilst I was reading through #MyJihad, I discovered it is a cause in which Muslims are attempting to deceive gullible non-Muslims by trying to portray the word ‘Jihad’ as nothing more than doing good for your (The Muslim) Community and doing what is right for mankind.

The group…

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