Would You Like A Nice Cup Of Liquid Nitrogen With Your Polonium 210, Sir? #darwinawards

Slightly off-topic for this Blog but couldn’t resist a comment about this latest load of Insanity I have heard. I do have categories in here for “Global Stupidity” and “Fucktardery” and I reckon the cap fits. So, WhatTheHeck…!

Are they holding auditions for next years Darwin Awards already?

A teenage kid has had to have her stomach removed after she drinks liquid nitrogen.

In case you missed that, SHE. DRANK. LIQUID. NITROGEN.

Have I not been getting out enough any more? WTF is this all about?
The article I linked to above says that bars are making these drinks to appeal to teenagers, “cauldron cocktail” it calls them.

Gaby Scanlon had her stomach removed after drinking a cocktail prepared with liquid nitrogen

When I was her age, people used to “sniff” butane canisters, hairspray, deodorant, Tippex, Evostick… who remembers when they started to smack ID checks on people who wanted to buy these things for legitimate reasons but looked younger than 18? They have this everywhere now but I remember when a 14 year old could go into a newsagent and buy a can of lighter fuel and no one would bother.

People found out that the aerosol in these things, when inhaled, could potentially freeze the respiratory system, and then you’d die. Some people found out the hard way, and left their friends to have to tell their story. Same effect as this, different body parts is all.

BUT now we have these new bunch of idiots.
A new “coolness” drink, is it?

How cool do you fucking want, eh? Minus 200 degrees is pretty cool.

These arseholes who are selling this shit, and who are advertising it, need to be locked in a Tescos deepfreeze overnight. What the fuck are you on?
You people shouldn’t even be allowed near a kids chemistry set.

What happened to that “Hooch” drink? Proper Teenagers drink was that. Tasted just like home-made Lemonade. You could drink it and not know it had alcohol in. That was everywhere and then all of a sudden it had disappeared.
It was made to get kids to drink alcohol.
There is a REASON that alcohol tastes Nasty. There’s a fucking reason for that! LOL!

I’m no preacher and certainly no saint! BUT! Seriously, this takes the piss, does it not?

At very least it is exploitation. In America they call it “reckless endangerment”.
That girl has had her stomach removed, for fuck’s sake.

Please, just have a word? There are plenty of better ways to be a rebel c**t if that’s what you want to do, but I suggest you leave Science experiments in school and keep drinking in the pub. They do not mix. Trust me, I’m not a doctor.


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One Response to Would You Like A Nice Cup Of Liquid Nitrogen With Your Polonium 210, Sir? #darwinawards

  1. Peter Hare says:

    immigrants should be made to drink a gallon on arrival,if they survive give em a giro….

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