#FRANCE: #Muslims Threaten To #Kill Vendors Who Sell Wine, Pork And Skimpy Women’s Clothing #edl #casualsunited

FRANCE: Muslims threaten to kill vendors who sell wine, pork, and skimpy women’s clothing

Please read the article Here.

In the market of Chemin Bas d’Avignon in Nîmes, Muslims warn wine sellers, butchers who sell pork, and vendors who sell “immodest” women’s clothing, to cease and desist carrying these items, or pay the ultimate price…with their lives.



PORK EATING CRUSADER PATCH available at ebay  for $7.95

See, it’s NOT ONLY the English Defence League, or the English in general who have reason to complain, is it? Or are the French racist and intolerant now too?
This is the same as someone coming into my house and trying to dictate how I run my household and daily life.
France is NOT an Islamic State, the same as Britain isn’t.
Over here in the West, we like to eat pork and wear “skimpy” (LOL!!) clothing.

And good luck with trying to tell the French they can’t drink wine!!! LMAO!!!

You bunch of arrogant little sods should really just put up or shut the fuck up.
Or, if the place where you live isn’t to your liking, and the people who already live there have lifestyles you don’t approve of…


What other reason now do you have to keep complaining, eh? There is a solution to your problem right there. Don’t stay. Leave. Find the nearest airport or boatyard and do us all a favour and JOG ON.

What is your problem now? I already know the answer, I just want to hear you admit it.

No Surrender, Ever. To Pisstaking Scum. J xx

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