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Sharia Mosque Four Times Size Of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Please read article from Here.

BRITAIN could have its first Sharia-controlled zone if plans for a mega-mosque more than four times the size of St Paul’s Cathedral get the go-ahead.
The East London mosque, known as the Riverine Centre, will hold 9,312 worshippers, compared to 2,400 at St Paul’s.


What was I saying yesterday? About the praying in the grounds of Westminster Abbey???
NOW they want a “mega-mosque” FOUR TIMES THE SIZE of St. Paul’s Cathedral.


They don’t need one! Are there really that many muslims in West Ham to necessitate a building of this size? Seriously? For a community of individuals that we are told only make up 3% of the population of the entire country of Britain, they have a serious amount of mosques as it is.
Take a look on this site, via Google maps, it shows where all the mosques are and the number: UK Mosque Directory

Take a visit to London, visit St. Paul’s, see how big it actually is, then imagine that this place is going to be Four Times the size.

Is there a NECESSITY?
No. There is not. Not for a 3% minority population of people.
There is a website for the campaign to stop this happening: MegaMosqueNoThanks.com

Read my comment in the article yesterday about Westminster Abbey.
It is all about SUBVERSION. And being SLY. And TAQQIYA.

We can’t have this happen in this country. If this is allowed to go ahead, it will be the beginning of the end. We already have vigilantes trying to enforce a “Sharia Zone” in certain parts of East London.

Feel free to ignore all this, if you wish to hand your country and your freedom over on a silver plate. Feel free to do nothing.
But, do not come crying to us when the shit hits the fan.

No Surrender. Ever. J xx

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