Video: #Burning #Saudi #Flag Of #Hate! And A Little Message. #britainfirst #casualsunited #edl #evf

You burn our flag, we’ll burn yours! Simples!

Video of the burning of the Saudi flag in London on Saturday.

Two can play at that game, people ;P
What do you think you achieve when you do burn our flags, anyway?
As we don’t really care TBH. It doesn’t make us blind with rage that you choose to go out and spend your own money, out of your own pockets, on Union Flags and Stars and Stripes and burn them.

We don’t care that you take off your shoes and hit flags with them. That has no significance to us whatsoever. You do whatever you like with your shoes.

However, what is hilarious is that when we do the same things back to you, you take maximum offense. You get wild with rage over silly drawings, let alone the burning of your precious Jihad flag. This makes us laugh, more than anything.

To see us burning your flag must make you want to explode. No pun intended.

In this way, we own you. The only “offense” we take (for want of a better word) to you is your behaviour in relation to us, our country and our children. We take “offense” when you go out and target young vulnerable girls, groom them and pass them round your skanky mates for sex, for example. We take “offense” at this.

But you people burning your own property, and using shoes to hit a flag? No. This doesn’t bother us at all. We find it quite amusing that you think it does 🙂
Flying into a mad rage over that would be a bit silly and childish, wouldn’t it?

Now, when you do get so angry you want to explode, go and do it in a field somewhere, away from the rest of us? Feel free to video it for youtube, though.

Top Job Well Done on Saturday, Guys. Hats off to you all. Respect!
Never Surrender, Ever to Islamist Scum! J xx

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4 Responses to Video: #Burning #Saudi #Flag Of #Hate! And A Little Message. #britainfirst #casualsunited #edl #evf

  1. frances bell says:

    much respect to you all

  2. Andy Morley says:

    Great work mate! x

  3. Tony Bexley.. says:

    f**k all paedo scum…

  4. Tony Bexley.. says:

    Great video by the way 😛

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