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  1. You are a true patriot maam,and that is very funny,good for you ,I mean really,good one .Respect to you. Rory.

  2. farenheit211 says:

    I want one of those shirts for my wife. Where can I get one?

  3. I see that we do indeed have a mutual friend,and good one at that. Nice to see and to know that when I meet people from our shared interests,all have been stand up individuals who,to put a dramatic point on it all, I would trust with my life. It’s almost been there as it is,so to say as much,well it’s not a stretch for me to say. Anyway all I was after here was to pass along a hello and to also ask this,if seeing a request from me on fb,is it ok to do so? to send along such a friendship request,always seems odd to me this,but I’ll give it a go and what you decide is cool with me,so thank’s for all the time here,cheers,Rory

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