This is a Quality write-up of an eyewitness account of events… NSE


Walsall 29/9/2012
“Rivers Of Blood”
It all started off as any other demo held by the EDL. We were greeted by a large contingent of police who seemed, at the time, quite welcoming and they ushered us along to the demo point where we were due to have a static. During the speeches a small group of muslims had gathered in Leicester street and began to taunt and hurl abuse at EDL members. I for one saw two seperate incidents were the muzzy scum put a finger to his throat and drew it across his neck indicating that we would get our throats slit, this happens to be a favourite pastime for these scum. The second incident had another muslim making a threat of violence by making out that he was holding a pistol and pulling the trigger. Both instances were very blatant and totally ignored by the Gestapo (west…

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