Scum Sink To A Whole New Level. #casualsunited #edl #evf #commies #traitors #shitstirring #fail

I am having trouble with the mentality of some people. Seriously.

It has been brought to my attention today that some “people” have cloned the Blog and Twitter of Casuals United.
I must admit, though, not a bad job. I had to do a double-take before I realised it wasn’t their Blog at all.

The clue is in the address.

the cloned site
notice no “S” in “casualsunited”

This is the real Casuals United Blog.

I really don’t understand why they’ve done it. Have they done it in an attempt to make Casuals and EDL fall out?
Don’t they realise that all people need to do is telephone each other, meet face to face, and talk?
Or are they so into their internet communications that they forget there is such a thing as “Face-to-Face” communication?

They did clone the Town Called Malice Blog. I thought that was hysterical, it’s just more free advertising, isn’t it?

They have actually now stooped to a whole new level. Get a load of this, screenied from their clone blog:

The names on here that they PUBLISHED ON AN ONLINE BLOG, THAT IS ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC WORLDWIDE, names of individuals who are


The names published here, are of children, classed as such by UK law.

How fucking low will these people go?

Well, we know how they can turn a blind eye to CERTAIN THINGS when they want to, but BLATANTLY cloning a Blog, and publishing names of underage individuals???

What fucking planet do you live on, Seriously?

I’d like you to know that I have screenied the page of your CloneBlog and sent it to the Police.
You people are NOT WELL.
The fact that, not only are you mad enough to sit up for all hours cloning a Blog and Twitter (yes, they did the Twitter too, how sad.), you must feel so threatened and paranoid of, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT OF!
BUT! You feel the need to publish online names of underage individuals.

How threatened must you feel, eh? To do something this tragic.

Now I ask myself why I am surprised. You are the kind of people who feel it is OK to throw missiles at children.

You have shown your True Colours.
I need add nothing more.

No Surrender to Faceless, Spineless, Paedodefender Scum.

Shitstir all you like. We talk Face to Face, not through a stupid internet screen.

J xx

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7 Responses to Scum Sink To A Whole New Level. #casualsunited #edl #evf #commies #traitors #shitstirring #fail

  1. Better dead then red……good piece miss English xx

  2. farenheit211 says:

    I have a lifetimes experience of Lefties and when they don’t get their own way they cheat and lie.

    • janeyenglish says:

      and use children as cannon fodder. DISGUSTING isn’t the half of it!

      • farenheit211 says:

        Yup! The Left seems quite happy to ignore the abuse of children or the corruption of our local and national government by Islam in order to push their own political views.

        The Left / Islamic alliance is extremely dangerous as they believe that the Left can use the followers of Islam as ‘muscle’ in order to bring about the ‘proletarian revolution’ (see The Prophet and the Proletariat by the SWP’s Chris Harman) However, all that will happen is that if Islam gains control then the Left will be eaten up by Islam as happened in Iran post 1979.

        Off topic. You will not be surprised to hear that the local councillor who is pushing for a mosque in Hereford is from the Labour Party (more on this at my place later). It’s the usual ‘if you can’t convince the voters then change the voters not the policies’ rubbish that Labour have done elsewhere.

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