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Citizen Khan gets second series from BBC despite ‘anti-Islam’ controversy

The BBC has recommissioned Citizen Khan, despite complaints from some viewers that the first series mocked Islam.

Please read the article from The Metro website.

Citizen Khan Adil Ray, pictured here, is the creator and lead actor in Citizen Khan (Picture: BBC)

The BBC has handed Adil Ray a second season of his studio-based sitcom, which follows the ups and downs of the Khan family, who live in the Sparkhill area in Birmingham.

The foamfests on Facebook over this sitcom just made for double the comedy value. People were going INSANE it was hilarious 😛

See? We DON’T CARE if some of you are “offended”. We DON’T CARE that you don’t like this programme, and you think it “insults Islam”. We DON’T CARE that you throw your pathetic little paddies and threaten violence all over the place if the programme is not taken down.


We in Britain LOVE our comedy, and we won’t be told what we can and can’t watch just because you sad little control freaks don’t like it.


Citizen Khan – The Muslims Are Not Happy!

NSE! J xx

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