Mental Health Issues For Military Veterans #casualsunited #edl #cxf #exforces #PTSD

Mental issues for military veterans

Please read the article in The Fenland Citizen.

As many as one million military veterans in the UK could be suffering from mental health problems, a leading academic from Anglia Ruskin University has said.

Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes added that the 20% of military veterans who develop mental health problems also face a postcode lottery of treatment.

There is practically ZERO treatment for PTSD (Combat Stress) in this country.
It simply costs too much money. One won’t be able to even get an “official diagnosis”, but instead will be written off with “Depression” or something similar that can be “sorted” with medication.

In reality, our ex-Forces are brought home after they have completed their “task” and thrown to the side like pieces of rubbish that are no longer needed.
They are used and then abused by Camoron and his Muppet Show.

They come home from these hell holes and they are given NO CARE WHATSOEVER.


Our lads and lasses should be HERE, in Britain, defending their OWN country against the invaders, NOT out there in Islamicscumbagville fighting YOUR battles that are all about EGOS and OIL, amongst other stupid reasons.

But what am I saying? The “invaders” of our country are already here, sitting in their tweed we can smell the piss from here in that big building in London.

The dhimmis, appeasers and facilitators of fascism in Britain, who can’t fight their own battles the manly way, instead using innocent people to do their dirty work.

Tell this man, while you look into his eyes, why he can’t have any treatment for his serious, potentially life-threatening illness that he “aquired” while fighting your battles for you.
You can’t can you? And you know you can’t even begin to try. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and that is a massive understatement.

If anyone reading this is ex-Forces and having these problems, that pic at the beginning of my comment links to S.O.T.S website where, even if you are not on the street but still in need of help, they will point you in the right direction.
Also, for anyone else, there are many ways you can help, also via that website.

We must all stick together. Never Surrender, Ever. J xx

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