Quality Blog. These commies are so keen to grass anyone remotely linked to EDL/Casuals, a taste of some Own Medicine is in order here methinks!

The Body Of Truth

#The Body of Truth on Twitter

The Body of Truth brings a shocking update, that a National Newspaper in Britain, The Mirror, now employs a Left Wing thug who celebrates Muslim violence against defenceless women.

The male in the picture on the Left is a violent Left Wing Thug and wannabe (unfunny) comedian named Anthony Richardson, he was made infamous among Counter Jihadists at an EDL demo held in the highly Muslim populated, Tower Hamlets area of East London, last year.

Further Reading:

Left Wing Extremists Hope Not Hate Threaten The EDL over anti-Muslim Movie Screening

Leftist Mob Bring Violence and Chaos to EDL Demo in Walthamstow

After the Tower Hamlets Demo, a coach carrying EDL members was leaving the city, but broke down near the East London Mosque and was attacked by a baying Muslim mob, who smashed the coach windows and threw street signs, bricks, bottles and traffic…

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