The War To Save Our Race #casualsunited #edl #evf

The War To Save Our Race – by Dave Hedges

The war to save our race.
Come on, please tell me true Dad,
I am sure it is no disgrace.
……Did you march with your English brothers,
Did you hold our banner high,
…Or did you just sit at home,
And watch your country die?

Did you take to the streets,
When right was on your side,
Or did you think of your own skin,
And run away and hide?

When you saw jobs for “muslims only”,
Did you shout loud in protest?
Or did you keep your silence,
Just like all the rest?

When the union bullies told you,
Not to vote for our men,
Did you tell them all to go to Hell,
And not come back again?

Did you speak out for truth,
And did you spread the word?
Or did you live in fear,
To let your voice be heard?

Please tell me what you did,
I’ve often wondered who
Could see the English race overrun
And why we are so few.

You need not feel ashamed, my son,
Because I had a dream
To open up my kinfolk’s eyes
To islams infernal scheme.

But when I spoke, they turned away
And closed up their bloody ears.
I couldn’t make them understand
The reason for my fears.

And when we marched, we were so few,
Just fifty men and me.
The others stayed at home in fear
And watched it on tv.

I’m proud to say I played a part
And say that I fought well.
That’s why I lost my livelihood
And wound up in a cell.

The reason that we lost, my son,
Was not that we weren’t brave,
But that the ones we battled for
Were not worth our while to save.


Excellent Poem Dave! 🙂 NSE! J xx

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