But Where Are All The Racists? #casualsunited #evf #edl

But where are all the racists???

Those commies really hate it when the Fashists don’t fit into their little stereotype.
They must be really gutted about this, well, they’re so gutted they had to Blog it.

This time it’s the turn of Tony Curtis. He stated on his facebook page that he doesn’t want to be associated with any NF (National Front) and the commies have Blogged the screenie:

“Despite calling for unity, Curtis does not want the NF involved” – and, your point is?
Tommy doesn’t want nazis in the EDL, does he not? Is this not the same?
You lot would be the first to jump in if Tony had stated he had friends in the NF!
So what’s it to be? You have just Blogged this for the sake of Blogging something because you have fuck all else to write about. In your little bubbles, nothing else is happening in the outside world, all that is happening, in your world, is Tony Curtis doesn’t like racists.
That isn’t actually News to me!

Why is he a “fool”? Because he found too many racists and left? LOL! Were you sat in front of a mirror while you were writing your Blog, Mister Matthew Collins?!

You people have nothing to say. You have to troll for your “News” and when you have nothing Newsworthy, you waste time writing this shit.

Hunt season is coming up soon, why don’t you Blog something useful about some proper arseholes instead of trolling peoples Facebook pages for non-news.
Or is that too much of a strain for your intelligence?

And anyone stupid enough to believe that Tony would leave the cause? Haha Carry On 🙂

NFSE! J xx

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6 Responses to But Where Are All The Racists? #casualsunited #evf #edl

  1. farenheit211 says:

    Janey, you are right. Much of the Left does live in a bubble of the ‘righteous’ where the concept that someone could not be racist but still vehemently dislike Islam, cannot for them exist. You are either ‘on side’ or ‘a nazi’ It’s partially why the Left cannot see that they are making alliances with Islamic groups that will, if the win, turn on the Lefties first of all before going after the rest of us. Look at what happened in Iran.

  2. Reblogged this on Charlie and the Stoney Jackets Factory and commented:
    Look out here come the Zionist Nazis who are/arent racist

  3. Its not even a breakaway group. .Mathew collins is a prize Pillock.

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