Man Arrested In Turkey… For Raping A Duck! #casualsunited #edl #evf

Muslim man arrested… for raping a duck!

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A man was detained in Bursa province in Turkey’s Marmara region for raping a duck, daily Habertürk reported.

Police forces detained the man following complaints from his in-laws, who claimed he had raped one of their ducks during an overnight stay in their house.

The man’s father-in-law said he found “feathers and blood” in a bed with the duck.

The duck was unable to walk according to the father-in-law. The man’s mother-in-law told daily Habertürk she later discovered the man’s bloody shirt by a tree the next morning.

The 50 year-old suspect denied all accusations, calling them all “slander”.

The duck was found to have suffered deformation and damage to its intestines and underwent several operations. It is now reportedly in good condition and remains in a veterinarian’s care.


Is nothing safe from these sick, evil degenerates???
No Surrender, Ever! J xx

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