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I recently read an article on the Far Left “Hope not Hate” website regarding the English Defence League (EDL) attempting to screen the anti-Islam Movie, “The Innocence of Muslims” in public. a short summary of who Hope not Hate are is given near the end of this article.

Basically, Hope Not Hate, Searchlight, The SWP and the UAF are all run by revolutionary communists. They are always pro-censorship, and pro-tyranny.. provided it’s not them or their mascots who are being subjugated.

It is comical how many supporters of Hope not Hate comprise of anarchists and anti-Government/anti-State Liberals, yet they now demand “State Censorship” regarding the anti-Muslim movie, I guess their values and beliefs go out of the window when it comes to defending the oh so sensitive feelings of Muslims.

The Dhimmi non-Muslim author of the Hope not Hate blog, is called Nick Lowles.

In the early 1990s, Lowles was…

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  1. farenheit211 says:

    And if you have ever had the misfortune to have dealings with the SWP in particular you will find that they are so brainwashed by the party that it is impossible to reason with them. Authoritarian nutjobs, no wonder they got into bed with the Islamists.

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