The Religion of Peace Shows Its True Colours – On Both Sides Of The Globe #edl #evf #religionofpeace

You People Are Just Tragic.

Ok. We are all now a little sick and tired of hearing about “offended” radical muslims throwing their toys out of the pram.
We are sick and tired of hearing threats of violence over television shows and pictures.


First we had threats of violence and death to the makers of Citizen Khan, a sitcom about a Muslim family in Birmingham. Written by a Muslim, and starring Muslim actors.
You can watch episodes HERE on BBC iPlayer.

Next we have yet more threats of violence and death to the makers of Islam: The Untold Story, a documentary on Channel 4, which has since been axed because of death threats to the presenter Tom Holland.
You can watch the first episode HERE on 4 on Demand.

NOW we have 4 people killed in Libya, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the US Embassy under siege in Egypt, because of a film that has been made about the “prophet” Mohammed.
You can watch a trailer from the film on youtube:

What gets me is, we probably would never even heard of this film had it not been for muslims killing people over it, in the name of the “Religion of Peace”!
If you watch the trailer, you can tell how amateurish it is.
It’s not a patch on Life of Brian!

Why are they so touchy? Are they genuinely that oversensitive, petulent and spineless?
Really? If so, that is very sad indeed.
Or are they simply just a bunch of CONTROL FREAKS?

I strongly suspect it’s the latter.

They don’t have to look at these things. They don’t have to turn on the television to BBC1 and watch a sitcom about a muslim family.
They want to be in control of who else does or doesn’t watch, and who does or doesn’t believe it.

Well, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but most of us in the Western World have minds of our own and we believe what we choose to believe. We have Freedom of Speech, which means we can also say what we choose to say, about whatever subjects we like.

If you feel your religion is being misrepresented, make a counter-arguement, as opposed to threatening and exacting violence on people. You people are so stupid that you can’t see the fact that that film above is taking the micky out of Islam, saying it is violent, yet you protest this with…… violence.

72 Shades of Fucked Up or WHAT!

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2 Responses to The Religion of Peace Shows Its True Colours – On Both Sides Of The Globe #edl #evf #religionofpeace

  1. Reblogged this on West Midlands Casuals and commented:
    This blog hits the nail on the fuckin head I tell you!!

  2. farenheit211 says:

    Well said Janey. The actions in the Islamic world and elsewhere are surely a declaration of war against the concept of free speech. There have allegedly been a large group of Muslims in Australia chanting: We the people of Allah are the limits to your free speech”

    We must all sit up and take notice of this. Also, it wasn’t just the film which sent the Islamic rage boys on a sodomy and killing spree in the Middle East, it was a coordinated attack by jihadi’s on Western embassies and interests.

    We need to wake up to the threat and we need to wake up soon.

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