Sergeant Says… #edl #evf #walthamstow

Sergeant Says: “There is a plan to deal with any potential conflict between the two groups”

This is the second video from the EDL demo in Walthamstow on Saturday 1st September.
You can see the missiles being thrown by the people stood on the other side of the road to Tommy, Kev etc. These are the same individuals – the Antifa Rentathugs that are bussed in to these places from around the country (it’s worth noting that UAF are Government funded) to cause violence and disorder – who attacked the Family St. George’s Parade in Brighton on 22nd April this year.

Barely a minute in and a woman is hit by a bottle.

An Eyewitness account of the events is HERE written by Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party who was one of the 12 people in this video having missiles thrown at them. The other videos are also embedded into his post.

This Policeman’s name is Sergeant Sefer (QK75). He was also in attendance at Al Quds Day.
He says this: “There is a plan to deal with any potential conflict between the two groups”
What was the plan, exactly?
To unlawfully detain 338 (that’s Three Hundred and Thirty Eight) people “to prevent a breach of the peace”. These 338 people were not any of those throwing missiles at 12 people – these 338 people were attendees at the EDL demonstration. There was no crime. The ones arrested were dearrested shortly afterwards but the others were detained for over 5 hours with no access to water or toilet facilities.

Make sure you complain. Football fans and Commies have succeeded in the past to claim compensation for unlawful detention, which this WAS.

NO SURRENDER to this blatant TWO TIER SYSTEM! J xx

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