Would You Like To See Some Puppies, Little Girl? #edl

Well, it has been a quality laughter-filled evening yet again thanks to the Commie Fucktards at EdlNews.

As we all know, the “Editor” of that site Gary Hastings or Gary Moon, or whatever his name is, has a weird obsession with Joe Marsh of Casuals United.

He has excelled himself tonight. He has blogged a picture which he says is someone called “Zoe Smith” and whom he says is one of Joe’s harem of Teenybloggers.
He insinuates that Joe hangs around with these young Teenybloggers, and that it is unhealthy. He also says that he has an informant within Casuals United.
*Note that he suggests that Joe shouldn’t “hang around with such young girls” yet it’s ok for him to post a pic, albeit blurred, and what he thinks is the real name and town of residence of a 17 year old child??? !

He isn’t paying his informant enough.

A) The picture is not of “Zoe”. It is of JoJo.
(JoJo is flattered you think she is 17 years old.)
B) Contrary to the Twatters on Twitter, it is also NOT the same person wearing the Casuals T-Shirts in the picture on their Main site.
C) Maybe the “Editor” of EdlNews needs to have a good long think about why he feels the need to constantly write nonsense about a man he doesn’t know.
D) He has since been informed that “Zoe” is a family member of Joe. LOL.

He’s a bit of a Sigmund Freud’s Wet Dream, isn’t he, that “Editor”?!

Well. Tomorrow I will be bleaching my hair so I too can join Joe Marsh’s harem of Teenybloggers 😀

Here’s to them!!! No Surrender!!! J xx

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3 Responses to Would You Like To See Some Puppies, Little Girl? #edl

  1. Mwahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!

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