Citizen Khan – The Muslims Are Not Happy!

This time it’s the Religion of No Sense of Humour.

Anyone watch Citizen Khan the other night on BBC1? I didn’t watch it that night, I watched it later on iPlayer:

When it first started I thought, WOW what a load of rubbish, the acting is crap for a start! But, 5 minutes or so into the programme it gets quite funny.
The actor who plays Mr Khan, Adil Ray, is a British Muslim, and wrote the script.

For some reason, there have been 100s of complaints to the BBC about this programme, saying it stereotypes muslims and insults Islam. It now may face an Ofcom investigation, read in the Guardian HERE.
Not only do we have complaints, however, we have this not unexpected response from some members of the “Religion of Peace”:
Burn down the studio? Threats of riot? Hope all the cast “dies and burns”? The “little prick” will get the “fuck kicked out of him”?
If he was in Saudi Arabia the shariah law will kill him boys and girls“?

That’s really peaceful, like.
I do not know where these people come from. Threats of violence over a comedy on the TV? Did you see Catholics rioting over Father Ted? Or Christians threatening to kill Dawn French over the Vicar of Dibley? I have answered that first comment already.
YES! We do have shows that take the piss out of other religions. We even have whole movies that do it. LIFE OF BRIAN, ANYONE?
This is what being British is. We laugh. A lot. And we laugh best at ourselves. Why be so uptight? If people are so easily offended, I reckon they need to grow a spine and a pair of balls, and lighten up a little. Or a lot in some cases.
Would they prefer to see beheadings next week, and the daughter stoned to death for wearing too much make-up?

I say Fair Play to Adil Ray for writing this show. He is a quality example of a British Muslim who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is trying to make Islam and muslims more “society friendly”? Is that the right term?
What is a better advert for muslims in Britain – given the current state of affairs, given the bad press muslims get everyday (in this Blog, for one!) – a comedy sitcom that is family friendly, or that screenshot above?
Which is the better advert for the Religion of Peace, eh?

Does this guy have to check there isn’t a fatwa issued on him?

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5 Responses to Citizen Khan – The Muslims Are Not Happy!

  1. Funniest sitcom i have seen for years. …Even funnier because it pissed the muzzies off…lmfao

  2. Peter Hare says:

    tell em to wipe there arse n get a bacon buttie….scum bastards

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