Happy August Bank Holiday Weekend!

Although, maybe not for some.

We hear that the hate preachers little get together has been cancelled… O Dear what a shame. It won’t just be raining outside will it? It’ll be raining on your shitfest as well.


Nobody wants to hear what you have to say… the ones that do, you take them with you when you hop on a plane back to wherever.

Read this they have a comment lol : Casuals United Blog Entry

Well, I didn’t threaten to set fire to anything, and I didn’t see/hear any of my friends do so.
“Racist Thugs” … O dear… do we have to go through this… AGAIN… ?

Just face it. Your Hate wasn’t wanted at that place, once they were aware of what you were really about.
If you don’t like Gays, then go live somewhere where there aren’t any Gays. If you don’t like “Kuffar”, then go somewhere that there isn’t any!!

We are sick of your hate filled rants on the streets and in these snidey little setups.

Now Bye Bye.

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