Evelyn Cook

*Blog edited to remove picture I didn’t have permission to use.*
Wordpress are aware of the edit and I have not been informed of any further problem by them since they have had access to this entry to view the edit.

Evelyn Cook lives in a village in Northumberland and writes poetry. She also campaigns against the destruction of Historic buildings. Can’t argue with this, in fact she doesn’t sound too bad… YET.
She uses Twitter under the username @NemesisRepublic

Along with her love of Poetry and History, it seems she has OTHER opinions also:

WOAHHHH!!! One minute here…

“Sex with a 9 year old if she has reached puberty is not paedophilia”

No? So you are saying that if a 9 year old has started her period, it is OK for a man to have sex with her?
Did a man have sex with YOU when YOU were 9 years old then?

Because that, to me, would be the only reason you would think this is OK.

“Paedophilia is a perverted interest in pre-pubescent children. A 14 year old may not be pre-pubescent”

You are saying you would find a 14 year old boy attractive, as long as he had started to shave???
Please! Help me here, because I cannot for one minute understand ANY of your philosophy AT ALL!

I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen a 14 year old and thought, “oooh, wouldn’t mind some of that!” NOR do I know of anyone, or can understand anyone who would.

When I first read this stuff, I thought maybe you were trying to incite people, a “Devil’s Advocate” shall we say, but I’m told you are well known for this kind of thinking.

Maybe you need the Police to knock your door? With their mates in the white coats?

No Surrender to PAEDO SCUM.

J xx

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12 Responses to Evelyn Cook… ARE YOU SERIOUSLY FOR REAL, WOMAN?

  1. apparently this sick paedo defender is meant to be a school teacher.aswelll. id rather leave my kids stayed home and not go to school than knowingly leave them in her care

  2. Evelyn Cook says:

    You won’t publish this, far too much of a coward, but I have reported your bullshit and perverted obsession with children and sex to police as I have with others who have l lied about me in this bizarre manner (Malicious Communications Act applies, as does incitement) and Claire Duffy has also been reported to Glasgow Police by others for hate crime.Hardly anyone to be relied on.

    You have broken the law in using a very old photo of me without my permission, it is copyright. I will, unless you remove, report this to WordPress as being a violation of its Terms and Conditions. Therefore treat this as due warning that you HAVE broken the law, although Casuals seems to do that on a regular basis.

    You are very sick people, and your perverted obsession with paedophilia and other sex crimes has been noted.. Possibly police need to look at Casuals very carefully indeed now, and pull a few of you in to check computers.

    • janeyenglish says:

      Evelyn Cook.
      Thankyou for taking the time to make your comment.
      Why wouldn’t I post it? You have the right to reply. We still have free speech in this country. I took this pic of you from another website which is still accessible, so you can’t be that bothered about it. I didn’t realise it was old, as I don’t know what you look like now. You should be glad about this as it doesn’t make you all that recogniseable. If you want to get into the issue of copyright and theft of pictures, then maybe you’d like to have a word with some of your “associates” who are more than happy to steal pictures of myself and people I know and post them on THEIR websites, along with not just a random area of residence and a couple of their hobbies, but their actual addresses.
      I’ll take your picture down, when your “mates” do the same 🙂

      “Perverted obsession with children and sex” and “perverted obsession with paedophilia and other sex crimes”… ?
      An Obsession is an unhealthy interest or practise.
      The dictionary says:
      “Obsession: the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. ”

      Reporting sex crime that has previously been UNREPORTED is not unhealthy, and nor is my Blog “dominated” by reports of paedophiles and sex crimes, is it? Should sex crimes not be reported then? Which sex crimes do you think should be reported and which not?

      It interests me that you have no comment on what you posted to Twitter.
      Claire Duffy, I don’t know her. However, her telling you that you are sick because you defended paedophilia is hardly a hate crime.

      Please, report this Blog to the Police. They can also then investigate the fact that you defended paedophilia, and you can’t run away from that as it’s all over the internet now.

  3. Evelyn Cook says:

    I have submitted a copyright takedown notice to WordPress.

  4. janeyenglish says:

    Evelyn, at the end of the day, you defended paedophiles… you said it was OK to have sex with a 9 year old if they had “reached puberty”.
    People are horrified by this, and also coming from a female.
    You expect people not to ask you WTF you are on?
    Point me out any lies I’ve told, and I’ll take them down. Your pic can come down when my pic and those of people I know get taken down also.
    I await your reply about it being OK to fuck a 9 year old child.

  5. Evelyn Cook says:

    The photo is my copyright and I have not given permission for its reproduction by you or anyone else apart from the original poetry website from where it was stolen. You have broken copyright laws in putting it here and I HAVE reported it as a violation to WP. I HAVE had it removed fro other places where it has been used without permission.

    I have never been involved in putting your photo etc on any website, I don’t know which sites to which you refer, I don’t have ‘associates’ either. Unlike you I don’t belong to a gang of hooligans with records for criminal activity and violence. In fact I have no police record of any sort whatsoever. Any suggestion otherwise is a lie.

    I did not say it was OK to have sex with nine year olds ‘if they have reached puberty’. I suggest you try reading carefully the screenshots above. I said it was not paedophilia however IF a child HAS reached puberty, which is different, but you have taken two screenshots out of the wider context of other tweets where the issue was being discussed and your sick mind has put its own connotations around them. Reading your further comments (and use of foul language) above I would suggest this is deliberate and smacks of malice.

    Look up hebephilia. Here it is put very simply for you:


    though there are many scholarly articles available on the internet also, from medical journals.

    That is a different perversion. In law paedophilia is a perverted interest in pre-pubescent children; that is a factual statement. As someone who has worked with children who have been sexually abused, I do know the law and I do understand both history and child protection issues. Sadly, many of your ‘associates’ appear to understand neither, and nor do you it seems.

    Only sick minds such as yours and Duffy’s (she is a sex obsessed troll, who HAS been reported to police for hate speech unconnected with this issue) would make this into me defending sex offenders.

    I have already discussed the issue of the lies about me with Northumbria Police, whom I contacted myself once these first surfaced early in July, and have kept updated since. They are fully aware that I do not in any way defend sex crimes, that the allegations are malicious, and spurious, and if you identify yourself I have no doubt you can be contacted to discuss this further with them, and I can consider seeking damages from you and others who are spreading these lies. However, I suspect you are too cowardly to identify yourself. How easy it is to blacken someone’s character from the anonymity of the internet, isn’t it? Trolls with a grudge, sick people, all hiding behind anonymity, getting kicks from this sort of thing. I also note your link to a blog written by a pervert who has been obsessed with me for 18 months. Police are aware of that also.

    I also note the low minded comment about my appearance. Very juvenile of you.

    If harassing senior citizens on the internet makes you feel good about yourself so be it, but I think you need to consider seeking some counselling for your problems.

    If you have any decency you will apologise to me for the harm you have have done to me in writing these disgusting lies, and your sexual fantasies about underage sex around two factual statements I made makes me concerned that you are a sick person in need of help.

    • Evlyn how the hell can you say anything about copyrights when you constantly are posting screen shots of peoples private conversations and people whom you dislike off twitters personal details addresses and pictures stolen off facebook. for no other reason than hoping to incite some1 to go round and do something unpleasant. Also you dont seem to have a problem retweeting your muslim bum chum edlnews xtra tweets with copyrighted pictures on. You are the biggest hypercrite i have ever encountered. So give it a rest feeling sorry for yourself giving it all the harassing senior citizens bullshit. You deserve all you get because your the biggest troll/shit stirrer on twitter. If you had involved the police im pretty sure they would be more interested in your comments as much as any1 elses. Go crawl back under your rock paedo defender

  6. Tony Dunn says:

    In fairness, Paedophilia is sex with some one that has not reached puberty. This is recognised world wide.
    Given that the age of consent varies from 12 – 21 through out the world then it is understandable that people tend to go by the age of consent in the Country they live in and not the neighbouring country for instance.
    Common areas of confusion lie within the Islamaphobic extremists that tend to claim Mohammen was a Paedophile, because they ‘assume’ he had sex with a 9 year old, even though it is widely claimed Aysha was between 14 – 21 when this act occurred. Regardless of her age, it was legal in the Country and the time in which it occurred, just as it was legal for King Richard II of England to have married a 6 year old child here in England just over 600 years ago, as with Mohammed the age in which the couple actually had sex is open to anyones claim with no solid proof.

    In Islam, as it is not a Country, they believe the age of consent should be when puberty is reached, but also by Sharia law they must abide by the rules of the Country they are in.

    Whilst I am a firm believer in our own laws on this matter and the age of consent being 16, I would not regard some one in a country where the age of consent is 14, to be a paedophile and would hope thos in Countries where the age of consent is 21 would not class me as a paedophile for going against their laws while in this Country.

    A deep breath and putting what has really been said into perspective on both sides would save any confusion and blowing things out of context. Their are pleanty paedophiles in this world to hate, without trying to boost that number within your own head purely on the grounds of misunderstanding what has been said.


  7. janeyenglish says:

    I have taken your photo off as asked. I said I would remove if I had to, so I did. Fair play, I’m not here to break the law. WordPress admins then went through the Blog entry to check for any other “violations” before I made the entry public again. I have copies of the emails between myself and them where I tell them I edit the entry, and that they can check before I republish, and their reply.
    My comments are purely based on the Twitter screenies. If you want to elaborate on what technically is a “Paedophile” and what isn’t, Twitter is hardly the place, is it?
    If you want to refute the fact that you defend paedophiles, why not write your own Blog? Take screenies of the whole conversation and publish so we can see it in whatever it’s real context is.
    What Tony Dunn writes is the point, in lots of cultures around the world, people aren’t governed by Laws, they don’t have media, they just go with what they know, but NOT in our society.
    The point of my writing this is that you were trying to defend paedophilia in islam. Fine! Defend paedophilia in islam if it’s happening in islamic countries if that’s what you want to do. But not here.
    I wonder how many schoolchildren went on “holiday” this summer to visit family, and were promised in marriage to some dirty old man?
    This kind of thing happens in THIS COUNTRY and it shouldn’t.
    If you want to split hairs about what is a technically a paedophile and what isn’t, then I suggest a better platform for it than somewhere you only get a certain amount of character space.
    Also, as I am publishing your comment, I’d like you to note that you have libelled me in there a number of times. For one example, if I/we are so obsessed with sex crime, why did I not know of the technicalities of what is a “paedophile” and what isn’t?
    I grew up in England where sex with children is classed as paedophilia. That’s the general term.
    You’ve also said I hang around with hooligans who have police records for violence. Do I? How do you know this?
    Have I made a statement on Twitter to read as such?
    You have also libelled Claire Duffy and the writer of the other Blog (do you mean this one: http://nemesisrepulsive.wordpress.com/ ?)

    You people, you need to be careful what YOU say.
    And yes, you do have “associates”. LOL.

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