Hate Preachers To Speak At Conference In York

The following website reads like a brochure from a luxury spa resort: http://www.islamiavillage.com/about/

“Imagine. Spending time away from it all. Four days living with world renowned speakers at first class facilities undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of daily life. When you combine incredible lectures with amazing recreational activities you get a truly breathtaking Islamic experience. Learn, relax, and be inspired in peaceful Islamic surroundings. Islamia Village is a dream come true , a hidden gem in the heart of the countryside.”

At first I thought, this is a hotel just for Muslims.. the pictures are very appealing, there is a swimming pool, a games room (with pool tables!), a sports court, it looks like a nice place to go for a relaxing break!

HOWEVER. As is often the way with Islam, THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM.
In Islam, this is known as “taqqiya” and means permitted blatant lying or manipulation of the truth to further the cause.

The “Islamia Village” is not a hotel, it is a “weekend retreat”, held at Thorpe Underwood Estate in York. THIS is the “spa hotel”.

“Thorpe Underwood Estate expands over 100 acres of beautifully maintained, tranquil grounds and is home to the nationally renowned Queen Ethelburga’s College and Chapter House Preparatory School. During our school holiday periods we are fortunate enough to be able to be open our doors to guests from all over the world and allow them to experience a traditional English school with a modern luxurious twist.”

THIS school is playing host to the event known as “Islamia Village”.

So, what’s so wrong about this event? Let’s see who some of the guest speakers are.
Murtaza Khan: Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan graduated from the International Islamic University, Islamabad in June 2001 with BA Honours in Usool-ud-Din and has been actively involved in the field of da’wah for many years. At present, he is a teacher at Tayyibun Institute, London . He is also a visiting khateeb at Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre, Islamic Da’wah Centre and University of East London.
Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan also thinks Gays should be put to death.

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi: Shaykh Abu Usamah is the Imam of Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, U.K. His love for Islam has led him to deliver lectures and seminars in many parts of the world. He is also an expert translator for many Arab speakers visiting the West to disseminate Islamic knowledge. Shaykh Abu Usamah grew up as a Christian in New Jersey. He embraced Islam in 1986; he studied Islam from the University of Madinah and earned his degree in Usul al-Deen and Da’wah.
Abu Usamah At-Thahabi also believes Gays should be put to death, along with apostates (those who leave their religion) and “Kuffar” (non-muslims).

Abuz Zubair: Shaykh Abuz Zubair is a graduate of Dar Al Hadith Al Khayriyyah, Makkah. He was an Imam at Lewisham Masjid and currently is active in da’wah in the London area. He is currently teaching Aqeedah Tahawiyyah in English in South London and regularly gives khutbahs.
Abuz Zubair thinks that muslims who believe in Evolution should be killed, along with any teachers of Evolution.

More on these speakers and their opinions here: http://theislamicfarrightinbritain.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/islamia-village-speakersbanned/


Ask if they are aware of the calibre of people at this event, and were they aware of the individuals asked to speak, and the kinds of things they like to say.
The phone number for Thorpe Underwood Estate is 01423 333384. Email: dl@qe.org


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