Just Sharing Some Love Back To The Religion Of Peace

AWWWWW!!! Ain’t that nice?!
We love you too, Ackmed, Mo-ham-mad, or whatever your name is, WE LOVE YOUUU!!!

And just so you know how much we all love you out here in Infidel Land, you know, that place that is outside that weird little timpwarped bubble you live in we have collected a few images to represent this, as we can’t visit you in person. We would, but like you’re gonna give us your postal address. Can’t say we didn’t offer though, eh.

You guys are better than Prozac. And you are free.
So, here is some Maximum Love back 🙂


AWWWWW!!! Ain’t that cute?! 😀
And, as a bonus, because I am feeling especially happy tonight, I’ll share with you some free comedy – in return for yours. 😀
Much Love!

NFSE! J xx

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