Al Quds Day 2012

Well, here it is again, the annual celebration of Anti-semitism and Islamofascism that the people of London have to endure.

Here is a brilliant link:

This is an annual march held in London every year (and in many other places across the world!), and this year will be no exception. Although it celebrates anti-semitism, it is still allowed to happen.
They say they are protesting about the oppression of Muslims. Sorry, but let’s just take a time out for a moment… who exactly round here is more oppressive? I don’t see Jewish women dressed in bin bags full burkhas. I don’t hear any Jewish people telling me that I should believe in what they believe or they want to kill me.
I don’t see stickers like this…
…Stuck up in my town by Jewish people, who then will send vigilantes out on the street to enforce it.

Muslims are so arrogant that they believe that all lands belong to them (their “people”), even though their “religion” did not exist before the year 600AD.
Er… Hello? Jesus was the founder of Christianity, he lived in that area, he lived there LONNNGGG before the year 600AD if you believe religious books, which we know you do .

So, on Friday 17th August, 2012, all the cunts the Al Quds will be marching in celebration of Islamic domination of anywhere and everywhere, and the celebration of the destruction of anyone who isn’t a muslim. NO SURRENDER TO ALL CUNTS DAY  al quds day.

We will see you there.
NFSE! J xx

***P.S I am older than your silly little “celebration” LOL

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