“Dirty Prostitutes Off Our Streets”

Muslims protesting about the amount of prostitution in their area:

“And the MET Police here, some say their hands are tied but I believe they’re not really trying”… says the man at about 0:43

Couldn’t agree more there matey!
We have seen a similar response of the Police to the Muslim Grooming Gangs operating in lots of towns around this country.
Do you protest about this also? Or does this not relate since the “Dirty Prostitutes” are “Off Our Streets” (voice in the vid at 3.20), and in a dirty old man’s bedroom waiting to be shared amongst his equally skanky and disgusting mates?

You gonna be out on the street protesting this too?
Obviously this comment won’t have been “approved” on that video:

What do you think about drugs?
And people that take drugs?
Not mates of Allah I bet…

What about the Muslim pushers On Our Streets then?

Not saying that all pimps, prostitutes, dealers etc.. are Muslim or vice versa (the fact I have to add that is sad in itself, as we know that some pathetic commie will take it and word it wrong lol), this is just my comment in relation to this video, since it won’t be allowed on that site although for the life of me, I cannot imagine why!

I totally agree with the sentiment, yes there is a problem of this nature but before you start shouting protests about problems in society, make sure you ain’t being a hypocrite.

People aren’t on drugs or the game for no reason.

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