The Religion of Paedos… again!
Quality write up NSE!

West Midlands Casuals

  • Kehren Sajid allegedly assaulted children as young as 13 months
  • Jurors at Birmingham Crown Court were told the
    children in question were aged between 13 and 17 months.
  • Captured on CCTV mistreating youngsters at the Small Talk Nursery in Handsworth,
    Birmingham, in October last year.

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How low do they go ffs? These suppossed religious nuts are going on in life commiting crimes of sick and sad mad stuff without fear or retribution. How is that religion? If it is its certainly of the satanic nature.

Just going to keep on with the ‘feet on the street’ and spread my gospel on that fucked up culture called Islam.

Take care of you and yours. NFSE.

  Johnny Midlander

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