Food Firm Hit By Kebab Fine #halal

Food firm hit by kebab fine

A food manufacturer which risked the health of dairy allergy sufferers by adding yoghurt and beef to a chicken kebab recipe has been fined £10,000.
Shazan Foods Limited, based at Walton Summit, near Preston, is the UK’s largest supplier of Halal meat products, and supplied the “chicken” kebabs to Asda stores nationwide.
Trading Standards prosecuted the firm under food safety laws for “causing Asda to sell chicken kebabs not of the nature demanded by the purchaser”, in that they contained less meat and more connective tissue than they should, as well as beef.
Preston Magistrates Court said the firm had been “reckless and negligent”, and ordered it to pay around £900 costs.
Prosecuting, Nick McNamara said the case followed a complaint to Trading Standards by a consumer in London, who bought a packet of Shazan’s Frozen Chicken Kebabs at Asda in Roehampton in June 2011.
He said: “On cooking the product, the consumer had cause to suspect that it contained meat other than chicken.

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This has been on our TV screens not so long ago.
Do you remember an Episode of BBC’s Fake Britain, investigating pizza and kebab takeaways, who weren’t telling the truth about what was going into their products?

The main issue brought up in this programme was the fact that these establishments use fake ham and don’t inform the consumer.

Mmmmmm… nomnom…NOT!!! Turkey and Mushroom Pizza doesn’t have the same kind of ring to it, does it?!

Aside from the fact that all of these individuals, collectively or otherwise, are BLATANTLY BREAKING THE LAW, there is a far more insiduous side to all this.

Go into your local Dominos, Subway, Papa Johns… ask them if their ham on their sandwiches, pizzas etc.. is real ham. Do It. I bet 99% of you won’t.
If you do, and they say that the ham isn’t real, ask to see what it is.


Unless you like being mugged off (and having your health compromised) on a daily basis.

NFSE, J xx

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3 Responses to Food Firm Hit By Kebab Fine #halal

  1. GREAT ARTICLE… Posting on BOYCOTT HALAL here – Join Us
    We must tell people the Truth and stop this Stealth Jihad in Britain and many Non-Islamic nations.

  2. Halal is every where now….northampton is full of outlets peddling this vile cruel filth….Nfse to Halal Shite.

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