4000 Holes In Blackburn, Lancashire… #halal

…That need filling in. With some of this shit hardcore.

That’s only 4 establishments in that screenie. One of which is a Roman Catholic School.
Why does a Roman Catholic School subscribe to a Halal Accreditation Certificate?

When will these idiots start saying enough is enough?
I wouldn’t have taken the Catholics as pussies, in the same way as the Christians, but we are seeing time and time again the bowing down to the Bullies of Islam.

You do realise don’t you? That “Halal Accreditation” doesn’t just mean that you are signing a piece of paper to say that your products are “OK” for the Muslim/Islamic community? You do realise that it isn’t about that at all?

It isn’t really about (except it is, in a main part but…) the inhumane slaughter of animals in the name of a “Religion”.
“Halal Accreditation” means that once you sign this piece of paper, pay your fee to have this “privilege” and recieve a nice little Certificate or whatever they give you to put on your wall, a percentage of the profit from the sale of any of your items with this “Accreditation” goes straight to Islamist groups in the Middle East.

Here is the HMC website address which shows HMC Outlets under the following category headings:
Restaurants & Takeaways
Logo Misuse

Source: https://www.facebook.com/BOYCOTTxHALAL

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2 Responses to 4000 Holes In Blackburn, Lancashire… #halal

  1. Thanks for publicising… we must wake people up!

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