Leftie Or Righty? This Is The Question…

Or are we just Cock-Obsessed?

And, we can’t wipe our arse with our right hand either? Even holding bog roll?
Abu Hamza is one lucky mofo…

Ok, so if we need a little ritual about which hand we wipe our arse with, that’s ok… if you are somewhat open-minded, however…

Get a load of some of this…

Now, I can be as “open-minded” as the next person even if dey iz blak an im a fashist but to collect your own wank stains and see if there is too much there to make “Allah” upset, I mean, seriously…
And he was having sex talk with his wife… what did she do… threaten to show an ankle? On the phone? And he comes in his pants…

And you wonder why people like this have problems when they arrive in countries such as USA, Britain, Spain… etc…

Burkha up girls, or poor old Mo or Ahmed may have an accident that makes Allah angry!!!

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