Commies Confess To Criminal Activity

… But will the authorities do anything?

Unless I am very much mistaken, here above is one confession to criminal damage, and another confession to arson.

The article is here:

Will the Avon and Somerset Police ( be looking into this?
Will they be finding out who is the editor of this website, and their comrades, and prosecuting them for criminal damage and arson?

If this had been published on the EDL or Casuals website, people would have been woken from their beds at the crack of dawn this morning.

Welcome to Two-Tier Britain!

#EDL #CasualsUnited #avonandsomersetpolice #arson #criminaldamage #police #UAF #Antifa #Bristol

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3 Responses to Commies Confess To Criminal Activity

  1. email it to the old bill

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