Man, I feel like a Woman…

There are a few people on the Internet, who have nothing better to do with their lives than sit at their computers all day vigourously masturbating looking online and taking screen shots of people’s Facebook pages, and entries that they post into groups.
There are certain groups of individuals who do this on a daily basis, almost 24/7.
We will learn more about these “people” later, and the strange reasons they do this, but for tonight here is a classic.
A man makes some comments about the appearances of two women.
These individuals are inferring that there is a racial issue.

What straight, red blooded man wouldn’t agree with the comments?
Or, what gay red blooded woman wouldn’t either?!
Who actually is being rather pathetic here?!

If I was gay, definately the blonde lass. The black lass has too many big muscles, I don’t even like my fellas as built as that!

NSE, J x

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2 Responses to Man, I feel like a Woman…

  1. Its not about colour. The blonde is a darling the other ones an ugly

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